C9 Champion Brand Ambassador Kristin McGee

Give This a Tricep: Kristin McGee’s Yoga-Sculpt Arm Workout

In this A Bullseye View video series, we ask Kristin McGee, Brand Ambassador for C9 Champion at Target, to demonstrate her favorite exercise routines that weave in yoga techniques to improve strength and wellbeing. Next up, a workout that’ll tone and strengthen your arms in just three minutes!

If the thought of planks and push-ups seems more nay than yay, Kristin McGee has an arm workout you won’t be hard-pressed to muscle through. Just three short minutes long, Kristin’s yoga-sculpt routine combines moves like downward dog, plank, chaturanga push-ups and upward dog. Newcomers trying to build strength will find it just as challenging as experienced yogis seeking to perfect technique.

The best part about Kristin’s flow? It hits on every arm muscle group from bicep to tricep, with a little core thrown in for good measure. All you need is a yoga mat, some C9 Champion workout gear and a couple of minutes to spare. Follow along in the video below and work up to completing the routine a few times per week for arm-mazing results!

Kristin McGee’s Yoga-Sculpt Arm Workout

Try Kristin McGee's 3-minute arm workout!

Ready for Kristin’s routines that target other parts of your body? Try out her leg and core workouts!

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