Dear Future – Scratch that! – Dear NEW Baby: Welcome to the Family!

May 11, 2015 - Article reads in
Joe and Joey with new baby Jackson

Joe and Joey – the creative minds behind the heart-warming “Dear Future Baby” parody – have a new song to sing: Dear new baby, welcome to the family!

If you haven’t yet seen their video, which went viral (two ingredients we all love: a sweet message and a catchy tune!) and has been covered by the likes of TodayABC News and Upworthy, we’ll catch you up: Joe (a Target team member!) and his partner Joey re-wrote Meghan Trainor’s song, “Dear Future Husband,” turning the lyrics into a love song dedicated to their future adopted child.  When they published the video on YouTube less than three months ago, they hoped it would connect them to the person who would soon be their baby’s birthmother. Since then, Joe’s fellow Target team members have been waiting, fingers crossed, for an update.

The result? Just this morning, the couple announced their official adoption of baby Jackson – a little bundle of joy nothing short of their dream come true.

“When we first began walking down the path toward parenthood, we never could have anticipated all of the twists and turns we would and have encountered,” said Joe. “However, with each setback, we were propelled forward knowing in our hearts that we would eventually get our happy ending.” 

The couple credits their friends, family and colleagues for offering unyielding support and oodles of positive feedback from the very start of the adoption process.

“We are planning on a follow-up to “Dear Future Baby,” said Joe. “We actually have had some conversations about making it an annual experience, a family tradition if you will, where we document our lives, our family and our love. Perhaps this may be our version of a family holiday card.”

The couple’s journey has been monumental in helping shape the lessons they hope to teach Jackson as he grows up.

“Acceptance and respect for all, open-heartedness and kindness are a few of the qualities that we will lay brick by brick for Jackson’s firm foundation,” said Joe.

Though Joe and Joey’s adoption process is over, their story is nowhere near done. They’re paying it forward by creating the Dear Future Baby Foundation, focused on helping to provide financial and emotional support for families who are on their own adoption journey.Interested in keeping up with their family and plans for the foundation, be sure to visit their Facebook page in the coming weeks and months.

Congratulations Joe, Joey and Jackson! We can’t wait to see the next family video!

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