Adam Rosante Teaching C9 Challenge Life Time Fitness Class

Target and Life Time Fitness Partner Up On a Nationwide Rollout of the “C9 Challenge"

It looks like the ol’ “I’m too busy to work out” excuse won’t cut it anymore—as soon as May hits, that is. That’s when Target and the crew at Life Time Fitness will kick off the “C9 Challenge,” a high-octane workout class developed by C9 Champion brand ambassador Adam Rosante in partnership with Life Time. You can take the classes at your local Life Time, the gym that’s got members cranking out one million workouts monthly at its 114 clubs across the nation (okay, we’re impressed).

This specially designed session delivers 39 action-packed minutes of super efficient upper-body, lower-body and core exercises alternating with quick, metabolism-boosting cardio blasts. Better yet, the challenge works stylish selects from the C9 Champion activewear line into the experience. To see what we mean, take a peek below.

Photo Credit: Stephen Allen

Oh, we feel it, alright—and we’re just sitting here writing about it!

Adam designed the challenge so club goers could prove to themselves that they’re stronger than they imagined (and do so in less than the time it takes to watch an episode of Game of Thrones!).

The class “smashes the notion that you need to spend a lot of time at the club to feel like you’ve accomplished something,” he said. “It’s meant to give you an amazing workout in just 39 minutes—so saying you don’t have enough time is not an excuse.”

You heard the man. Get squatting! And of course, just so you look super cute mid-sweat, we’ve picked out some killer looks to rock in class:

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