The Jig is Up! But Target’s Culture of Innovation is Here to Stay

April 1, 2015 - Article reads in
Woman Holding Fannybasket on Hip

Well, that was some good April Fools’ Day fun (which, many of you caught on, we kicked-off early with that convincing Buzzfeed article). But Target’s parodic “announcement” of the FannyBasket was less about making you LOL and entirely about making one point very clear: Target knows no boundaries when it comes to innovation, whether it’s a new marketing campaign or creating a design-meets-digital playground in the heart of New York City.

Because that’s what Target is all about: “We’re working to foster a new culture of innovation that challenges and empowers our teams to push boundaries and do what’s right for the guest,” said Casey Carl, chief strategy and innovation officer, Target. “Every touch point is an opportunity to inspire, anticipate a need and to help simplify our guests’ busy lives.”

In theory, the FannyBasket falls right in line with Target’s guest-centric objectives. But what is the Target Innovation Laboratory up to in real life? Here’s a snapshot of things to come:

  • A new growth initiatives team has been established to identify, evaluate and concept new products, services and platforms.
  • A new project that helps entrepreneurs invent new technologies in the Internet of Things space will soon be unveiled.
  • To better reach Target's tech-savvy shoppers, plans to integrate digital into every aspect of the guest experience are underway: Location-based technology? Check! Cloud-enabled technology? Stay tuned!
  • And for all of you who were excited about the basket’s special mobile phone holder? The idea to add a mobile phone holder to Target’s iconic red carts is being explored.

Clearly, a lot of cool things are coming your way. Some of them may never see the light of day, others have the potential to be total game changers. And as far as the FannyBasket? Never say never…

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