Tsum Tsum stack of disney plush toys

Memo to Gift Givers: Disney’s Tsum Tsum Toys Stack Up to Fun!

Here’s a hot tip: Disney Tsum Tsum toys are now available at Target, which means you have a chance to get your hands on an “It” toy before the kids hear about it and become obsessed. Score!

What are the toys exactly? They’re a cuter-than-cute menagerie of stuffed animals with an off-the-charts following in Japan (where Disney first introduced them in 2013). Starring the likes of Mickey MouseMinnie MouseDonald DuckWinnie the PoohTiggerPigletChip and Dale, the cuddly creatures come in three collectible sizes: mini, medium and large.

We know what you might be thinking: What does “Tsum Tsum” mean? And what makes these little guys so special (aside from their irresistible good looks)? “Tsum Tsum” (pronounced “soom soom”), translates to “stack stack” in Japanese, because the critters do just that. Check it out:

Disney Tsum Tsum plush toys appear one by one in a stacked pile and disappear one by one in a stacked pile

For the first time, aside from Disney’s own retail locations, Tsum Tsum can now also be purchased at Target. Target will be introducing new furry friends from other Disney favorites (think Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story!) throughout 2015. Could the Disney Tsum Tsum gang catch on like the Beanie Babies of yesteryear? Wait and see…but don’t wait too long (they might sell out!). 

Priced from $4.95 to $24.95, the Disney Tsum Tsum toys are available in Target stores nationwide with limited characters and sizes also offered on Target.com.

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