Play Along With Lilly—and Target—on Instagram!

April 9, 2015 - Article reads in
Paper Doll Header with Hand holding up Paper Lilly Pulitzer Dress to Model

Here at A Bullseye View, we’re counting the days until Lilly Pulitzer for Target; we’ll assume that you, too, have April 19 circled in red on your calendar (or pink as the case may be!), so that you can shop the collection as soon as it becomes available.

Collage of Lilly Pulitzer Paper Dolls

Need a little something to tide you over? You can use the complete look book to compile a list of your must-haves. And, starting today, you can also Play Along With Lilly! This super-fun “art project” has Lilly Pulitzer for Target prints popping up just about everywhere and everyone’s invited to the party: All you need is an Instagram account, scissors and a sharp eye for framing shots just so. Oh, and a great sense of style helps too!

Play Along with Lilly cut out Paper Dolls invite

Click to download the PDF above

How it works:

1) Click the link above to download the sheet of cutouts. 

2) Print it out, then cut out each of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target items.

3) Grab your phone and set up your shot. Make sure you have good lighting and a backdrop that’s not too busy or cluttered. For the apparel items, you’ll need another person in the shot to make it work. No selfies here!

4) Hold the cutout with the tips of your fingers, so that both are visible in the camera’s frame.

5) Once the cutout is in focus, snap away.

6) Share your pic on Instagram using the hashtag #LillyforTarget and tag @TargetStyle and @LillyforTarget. While you’re at it, tag a friend so that they can play, too!

Get creative! Target and A Bullseye View are excited to see what you come up with—we will regram some of our favorites on the @LillyforTarget Instagram account!

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