He’s Crafty: Introducing Hand Made Modern by Todd Oldham

April 13, 2015 - Article reads in
Hand Made Modern crafts

If ever you were going to dive into a craft project, wouldn’t you want it to be art-directed by a tastemaker—someone with vision, a flair for the details and just the right amount of whimsy and spunk to keep things fun? You know, someone like Todd Oldham?

Good news: The famed designer and Target partner recently released a fab new collection of stylish DIY kits and professional-grade art supplies called Hand Made Modern.

Does the name sound familiar? You might be thinking of Todd’s hit line Kid Made Modern, tailored to younger Target guests. The best part about Hand Made Modern is that everyone can take a crack at the crafts.

Last week, top DIY bloggers and editors were treated to an event at Target Gallery in New York City, where they were able to try their hand at a few Hand Made Modern projects. A Bullseye View joined in and even got an exclusive interview with the master maker himself. Check out our chat with Todd in the video, below!

Hand Made Modern Video with Todd Oldham Play

Priced from $2 to $25, the Hand Made Modern collection is available exclusively at Target and on Target.com

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