Way to Go, Joy Cho!

Way to Go, Joy Cho!

Here at A Bullseye View, we get to cross paths with a lot of interesting, influential people. Among them, Joy Cho, the talented graphic designer, lifestyle expert and creative force behind the wildly popular blog, Oh Joy! (and author of a forthcoming book by the same name).

Joy is also a friend of Target, whether she’s designing a collection of party accessories and decorations just for us, or letting our video crew tag along during a photo shoot of her baby’s nursery.

So when we learned that Time recently named Joy to its list of The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet, we took the opportunity to congratulate her and find out what she’s been up to:

You have a book coming out later this spring. What can your fans expect?
You can expect a book full of colorful, whimsical and inspirational ideas on things you can make as gifts, for entertaining and to inject a little more fun into everyday in general. I love making things for other people so we show you how to create an ombré striped cake, make a set of wood blocks with a custom photo and how to create fun pop-up letters when wrapping a gift!

Congrats on the birth of baby number two! How do you balance your creative projects with the demands of motherhood?
Thank you! Life is a constant juggle especially after going from one to two kids. The key for me has been having help (child care for the kids while I work, and also the help of my team at Oh Joy so that I’m able to focus on the most important things and trust others to help me with the rest). I work four days a week in the office so that helps to define work separately from my home life. But once I am home, I really try to be totally with my kids and give them my full attention. Once they are in bed for the night, I work a bit more if I have anything left I didn’t get to finish that day. But I do my best to be present within home or within work and make the most out of the time I have for each part of my life.

How do you define style  – how has your definition of this word evolved over the years?
When I was younger, I always felt like your style had to be one very defined aesthetic. Yet over the years I’ve come to realize it can be a combination of styles and to let your gut guide you. My style has become more colorful and relaxed after moving to California five years ago. I used to wear lots of neutrals and black, and now friends ask me if something is wrong if they see me in all black!

What sorts of motifs are you feeling inspired by for Spring 2015?
Abstracted, oversized florals and irregular polka dots!


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