Target Too: A Design-Meets-Digital Playground Joins NYC’s Gallery Scene For a Limited Time

March 25, 2015 - Article reads in
Target Too sculpture of a larger than life milk carton spilling out various white products onto the

It’s an art installation. No, it’s a brand experiment. Well, more like a really cool mobile shopping experience. Or, is it an Instagram-worthy, must-see sight in NYC?  

Actually, Target Too is all of these things and more. It’s also the latest example of Target’s commitment to delivering great design, new thinking and innovation to guests in fun and unexpected ways.

Housed in Target Gallery in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, Target Too merges a collection of Target products—EOS lip balms, Method soap, LEGOS, Beats by Dre Headphones and Threshold furniture, to name a few—with cutting-edge technology. And, it invites guests to play, share, shop and just have some fun. Visitors to the Target Too space are encouraged to download a mobile app that will transform the 12 murals, displays, sculptures (yes, that is a 7-foot carton of milk spilling various white goodies onto the floor) and interactive stations into a design-meets-digital experience that will make you smile.

We asked Todd Waterbury, Chief Creative Officer, to tell us more about his team’s latest endeavor.

What does the name, Target Too, mean?
Target Too is the place where products come to play. It’s centered on expressing the meaning of the word “too” by offering something “more,” something “extra” in elevating, personalizing and evolving the Target experience. “Too” is also about inclusivity, which felt right since the space is open to all, and each piece in it is created from Target products that are beautiful, accessible and affordable. Together, these meanings express our promise of “Expect More. Pay Less.” in a new way.

Of the 12 different Target Too installations, which is your favorite?
From the standpoint of playful impact, the visual hit of seeing more than 3,000 EOS lip balm packages arranged into a giant smile mural, “Pucker Up” is a favorite. Through the app, you can see the mural animate with a variety of user-generated expressions in augmented reality as well as create your own expression, whether it’s a kiss or duck face, which are easy to share via social media.  Another favorite is “Turn the Tables,” which showcases dozens of combinations of Threshold dinnerware, place settings and furniture and their seemingly infinite interchangeability on a table that hypnotically rotates on the wall. The app lets you instantly build and buy every one of your favorite combinations.

What do you think is most interesting about this experience?
I like that it begins to loosen and play with the meaning of what a gallery, a store, a playground, even what an Instagram feed is, and what the integration of technology can do within a bounded space—how it can deepen and expand the meaning of each of these. I also like that it begins to explore and question how this integration changes the cultural and behavioral meaning of “place” in additive ways.

Why should people check it out?
If you like to tour the galleries in Chelsea, it’s one stop to add to your list as it’s just off the Highline.  If you like design, it’s a place where you can create your own T-shirt or tote on the spot. And if you’re a fan of Legos, the larger-than-life version of our mascot Bullseye, is poised inside and posed for selfies. Or if you just like to discover, it’s a place to see some of our favorite Target products in new ways, brought together, that can be bought together, right on your phone.

Why do you think it’s important for Target to continue to pursue projects that deliver great design, newness and innovation? 
Retail and design continue to become more personalized – and more connected – because of technology’s power. Creating meaningful experiences that enhance both is the expectation of our guest and the expectation we place on ourselves by listening, learning and having fun. We’re always interested in finding new ways to meet our guests where they are and bringing them closer to the products that fulfill their needs and fuel their potential. Target Too is a playful expression of this.

Target Too will be open March 25-31, at 511 West 25th Street, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Not in NYC? Check it out through the gallery below!

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