Bunnies, Butterflies and Big Cats: Crayola®-Colored DIYs For Kids

Hey, parents! Want to put a little spring in your kid’s step? Get creative—and crafty—with these Crayola®-inspired DIYs. All you need are scissors and glueconstruction paper and yarn, plates and paper bags and off to the animal kingdom you go. Enjoy!

Laser Lemon Lion Plate

  1. Decorate a large paper plate with Crayola® Crayons. Overlap golds, yellows, and browns to create a realistic lion’s coat.
  2. Decorate a small paper plate to look like a lion’s face (don’t forget the snout, mouth, and eyes!).
  3. Tear paper into triangles for ears. Color the inside of each ear a darker color. Attach the ears to the small plate with school glue. Now glue the lion’s “head” to the “body.”
  4. Tear legs and a tail from construction paper. Attach to the lion with glue; then glue on precut yarn for a furry lion’s mane. Let air-dry.

Mango Tango Bunny Bag

  1. Draw and color two bunny ears on construction paper with Crayola® Crayons.
  2. Cut out the ears with scissors. With a glue stick, attach ears to a white lunch bag.
  3. Make a bunny face and other decorations on the bag with crayons.

Tickle Me Pink Butterfly Puppet

  1. Fold construction paper in half. To make butterfly wings, cut a capital B shape opposite the fold, then spread the “B” open to lie flat.
  2. Use Crayola® Markers to design colorful butterfly wings. With a glue stick, attach the wings to the back of a paper lunch bag.
  3. Cut a paper circle and two antennae. Draw the butterfly’s face on the circle. Decorate the antennae. Glue the face to the bottom of the bag, then glue antennae to the back of the face. Now you can decorate the butterfly’s “body.”
  4. Put your hand inside the bag. Move your fingers up and down to nod the butterfly’s head, play music and dance your butterfly into flight!

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