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Adam Rosante’s 60-Second, Full Butt Workout Is Fanny-Tastic!

In this A Bullseye View video series, we ask Adam Rosante, brand ambassador for C9 Champion at Target, to demonstrate his favorite workout routines to help you improve your mind and body. Next up, a 60-second butt workout featuring just four quick moves. 

Watch the video below, and it’s clear: No one gets to the bottom of a glute workout like Adam Rosante. Using his signature technique—maximum muscle-building moves and super-short intervals—he’ll help you back it up through a series of speed squats, leg lifts, hip raises and marching knees. At just 15 seconds per exercise, you can crush it in a minute flat or challenge yourself to complete as many rounds as possible.

Let us know how you did in the comments section!

Ready for more more? Adam Rosante’s new bookThe 30-Second Body, arrives soon at Target stores and

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