SXSW Photo Diary: Behind the Scenes with Target’s Digital Team

March 19, 2015 - Article reads in
Alan Wizemann poses for a picture at SXSW Interactive

How did members of Target's digital products team spend their weekend? Making the rounds at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, a conference dedicated to groundbreaking new media and technology, panel discussions and presentations given by industry movers and shakers.

A Bullseye View got an exclusive peek inside the team’s time at SXSW and spoke with Alan Wizemann, VP Product, about the trip and his reflections on how digital and tech will play a bigger role in Target’s future:

The Target Team at SXSW
The Target team poses for a picture at SXSW

Andy Feierfeil (Site Merchandising), Rob Anderson (Guest Experience), Alan Wizemann (Digital Products), Andrew Weisbecker (Apps), Neil Fasen (Agile), Craig Paulnock (Mobile Web)
“The team and I came to SXSW with the goal of seeking out panels and presentations that speak to what we are doing at Target. We came to be inspired, to meet with partners or potential partners and to learn from innovators and leaders in this space.”

Be Epic: The Art of Bold Decision Making

Evernote CEO Phil Libin delivers a presentation on big decision making

Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote
How’d the team spend Sunday afternoon? Oh, playing a game of rock, paper, scissors with Phil Libin at his session on “bold decision making.” 

“The thing that resonated most was how Phil has forced his company to re-evaluate how they make decisions. They don’t allow anybody to discuss negativity or risks concerning the most long-term and strategic decisions. Phil wanted to get rid of that and answer instead the questions, ‘What would be our best outcome?’ ‘What would be most awesome.’ – and then do that.”

Netflix Shares a Decade of A/B Test Learning

Alan Wizemann talks with Netflix CEO Todd Yellin

Todd Yellin, VP Product Innovation, Netflix
“The most interesting message here to me was that companies aren’t always right about how customers will respond and what most benefits them – so everything has to be tested. A/B testing is how you learn, adapt and make sure guests (as Target calls its customers) have the best experiences possible. Netflix is among the best at A/B testing, and after learning what was possible, we spoke to Todd about continuing the conversation with his team.”

Makers’ Booth

Craig Paulnock of Target attaches LED lights to his shoes at a SXSW Makers Booth

Craig Paulnock, Manager Mobile Product, Target
“We’re building a lot of our own products and tools at Target. We want people with that maker-mentality. One member of my team, Craig, spent some quality time over at the Makers’ Booth.”

RetailLoco Fireside Chat, Presented by the LBMA

Alan Wizemann has a fireside chat with the founder of LBMA

Asif R. Khan, LBMA Founder & President, and Me
“On Sunday, I talked with Asif about localizing and personalizing retail, and how we see digital and data enhancing the in-store experience. One of the big takeaways for me – and it’s something I heard another panelist say – is that there is no offline shopping experience any more.”

Of course during their down time, the team couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feast on some Instagram-worthy barbecue! See the rest of their pics in the gallery, below:

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