Groove is in the Heart

Groove is in the Heart: Target’s New TV Spot

Furry forecaster Punxsutawny Phil may have projected six more weeks of winter, but here at A Bullseye View, we’ve got a super-stylish, colorful spring in our step, thanks to Target’s new ad campaign.

 Set to air nationwide on Sunday during the must-watch Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, the infectious TV spot has had our team humming all week with the exclusive version of “Groove is in the Heart,” produced by Questlove (The Roots) and vocals by Charli XCX and Black Thought (The Roots). Take an exclusive first look at the spot created with Mother New York here:

Cute, right? And that’s just one part of Target’s multi-platform spring campaign, which will showcase the season’s hottest styles in fun and reimagined ways.

We had to hear more, so A Bullseye View sat down with Todd Waterbury, chief creative officer, Target, to get the details.

What does “Target Style” mean?
Target Style is a new way to express Target’s point of view on the world. It’s how we playfully celebrate the products in our style categories, in our voice, through the lens of pop culture. Seeing the world in a way that is optimistic, inclusive, timely and memorable is seeing the world Target Style.

Tell us about the new campaign and this TV spot in particular.
The spot and the campaign are created around our favorite apparel, beauty and home designs. For apparel, we nod to the timeliness of March Madness with ‘Ballin’, Target Style’, which takes basketball to a cooler level of chic. ‘Offline, Target Style’ is all about chilling out in the hottest swimsuits of the season. For beauty, it’s ‘High Defintion, TargetStyle’, which showcases Sonia Kashuk’s bold new compacts. Megabites, Target Style’ is our take on the freshest dinnerware combinations for every meal.

What do you hope guests will take away from this spot?
Right away, I want this to make you smile. I love the surprise of seeing this little girl in a polka dot trench rocking big shades and a big orange bag with big girl swagger, just as the beat comes in and Charli XCX kicks it off with this Questlove-produced track. I want the look, the vibe and the playfulness to pull the viewer in and take them on a sixty second ride. After watching it, I would like the take away to be, ‘Target is having fun,’ followed by ‘I want that song and I WANT that stuff!’

Tell us about “Groove is in the Heart.” How did the team land on that song? How did it come together with Questlove, Charli XCX and Black Thought?
Music has always been core to the Target brand. We love it when we can create work that our guests want to share, and music is an essential part of that. There is such an infectious and optimistic quality to this song. Producing a reimagined version with two very talented and timely artists, it brings new meaning to those of us who remember the original, and introduces it to a new audience for the first time.

What’s the importance of debuting Target Style during the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special?
Few shows have had a bigger role in creating and influencing popular culture than Saturday Night Live. And their 40th Anniversary Special will certainly be a destination for millions as they reminisce and share their favorite moments. To be a part of this is to be a part of history in the making, and a great place to share the Target Style message.

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