Target exclusive Big Hero 6 DIY.

DIY Ideas: Big Hero 6 Baymax Mask and Fists

Lights! Camera! Action! The Target-exclusive version of Disney’s Big Hero 6, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, has arrived in stores and online — who’s up for a family movie night?

To gear up for the “viewing party,” try this Big Hero 6-themed DIY project with your kids. They’ll get hours of playtime out of this Baymax face mask and matching fists and can take turns playing Baymax and Hiro. All you’ll need is an at-home printer, scissors, tape, string — and a robot-like ability to follow a just few simple instructions. Have a blast!

Baymax Mask

1. Cut out mask along solid white lines. Cut out eyes, and punch holes for string.
2. Thread and tie string through tabs. Fold and connect points A-to-A and B-to-B, then tape.

Baymax Fist

1. Cut out right and left fist. Cut along solid white lines. Fold dashed lines.
2. Cut cardboard tube templates. Tape cutouts to tube. Cut white ovals out of tube.
3. Align black line on the tube template to the edge of the fingers of the fist. Tape to the underside of the fist.

Ready to go? Click on the links below, drag the images to your desktop and print!

Cardboard tube template
Left Fist
Right Fist

For more fun Family Movie Night ideas, visit Target’s Pinterest page.

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