Target’s 2015 Expanded Made to Matter Collection is a Wellness Win

February 20, 2015 - Article reads in

Here’s some good news that’s also good for you: This year, Made to Matter — Handpicked by Target is nearly doubling in size to feature 31 brands, including Askinosie ChocolatePaddy’s BathroomMrs. Meyer’s Clean DayPacificaHappy Family and KIND.

It’s hard to believe we could love it more than last year’s launch, but based on the program’s success in 2014, the latest collection is going to be a wellness winner. In fact, Target expects to see sales hit $1 billion in 2015.

The assortment has been updated to give guests even more robust—and enticing—options. As in, more than 200 new and exclusive products! So get ready: Target’s 2015 lineup offers oh-so much more to love, whether they’re shopping for body scrubs, baby food or ice-cream (as in, Ben & Jerry’s—how awesome is that?!). To qualify as part of the select group, brands had to support all three pillars of the Made to Matter program — foster unique collaborative partnerships, develop exclusive innovations and be committed to social responsibility. Not an easy task, but all of this year’s additions rose to the occasion. 

“Simply put: What matters to our guests, matters to us,” said Kathee Tesija, chief merchandising and supply chain officer, Target. “We know our guests are looking for better-for-you and better-for-the-world products, and our research shows that they seek authenticity and transparency from the brands they buy. Made to Matter has proven to be incredibly successful, telling us that our guests love our approach, which is all about catering to their evolving wants and needs in a way only Target can do.”

What else can guests expect? A first-to-market line of vitamins; baby and grocery items developed by moms and dads who test recipes in their own kitchens; a state-of-the-art water filter; a one-day juice cleanse and more.

Why are Target’s guests so passionate about Made to Matter? Because these brands deliver on things that matter to them: Easy access to high-quality, better-for-you products, that you can feel good about, and of course… at a great price! Case in point: The Suja one-day juice cleanse is just $11.97—if you’ve tried other cleanses, then you know this is an incredible deal!

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear more from some of Target’s newest Made to Matter partners in the video below:



Priced from $1.25 to $49.99, a handful of the new and exclusive products has already set in stores and more will continue to roll out through April, July and September. Check back for updates!

Browse all of the companies who comprise Target’s 2015 Made to Matter family in the gallery below.


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