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Product Recall Central: Be the First to Know With Target’s New Facebook App

Remember back in May when we were telling you how Target is Around for Good? Well, Target’s new Product Recall Facebook app is the sort of thing we were talking about. While recalls and product safety alerts are not areas usually associated with innovation, Target’s latest approach to this important subject is yet another example of delivering on the “Expect More” promise.

For Target, product safety is a top priority: “What’s important to our guests is important to us,” said Scott Lercel, director of social responsibility, Target. “The Product Recall Facebook App means we can be wherever our guests need us to be when they need us. We’re excited to provide them with reliable, up-to-the-minute information.”.

A Bullseye View sat down with Scott to learn more about the new app and its features.

How has Target’s approach to communicating recalls evolved over time?
Originally, our store team members would post individual product recall signs where an impacted item was found within the store, as well as at the customer service desk. The process was manual and we needed to find a way to elevate our in-store communication strategy and deliver a better guest experience. The solution was clear: TECHNOLOGY!

We knew guests needed a better way to access product recall information. Ideally, they’d have something to print out and cross-reference with an item they had at home to see whether it had been recalled. So in 2008, we introduced In-Store Kiosks – often used to check on a wedding or baby registry – which allowed Target guests to search recall information and then print it out. As the first retailer to offer this convenience, we successfully increased the awareness and transparency of product recall information to further ensure the safety of our guests and their families.

Knowing how integral Facebook is to our guests’ daily routines, the new Facebook app provides our more than 23 million followers with an unprecedented level of product recall information. Reliable, convenient and right there at the top of our Facebook page, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and is a must-download for consumers who want to be the first to know about product recalls and safety issues.

What are some of the features?
This application is the first of its kind within the retail industry and will include the ability to search for recalls by category (like Baby or Health & Beauty) or to search recalls via keywords (say, strollers or electronics). The best part about the Facebook app is that the information is always available and always shareable so that guests can keep their entire network informed. A bonus feature within this app is that guests can find helpful updates on a variety of everyday topics from bike safety to safe sleep for babies. This information is linked near the top of the application landing page, so it’s always easy to access!

 What are the different ways one can navigate to the new app?
Log on to your Facebook account, navigate to Target’s page and find the Product Recall app next to the exclamation point in the left-hand panel of the page.  Don’t have a Facebook account? No problem! Visit www.facebook.com/Target and find the app in the same manner as noted above.

Facebook mobile is not currently able to support applications, but we have embedded a direct link to the product recall page within “Products” in the “About” section of our Facebook page to keep things easy for guests on the go.

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