Three Kings Day DIY: Bejeweled Cake Stand

In honor of Three Kings Day, we asked Kathy Cano-Murillo of The Crafty Chica to create an exclusive, kid-friendly DIY project, just for A Bullseye View readers. Needless to say, we were dazzled by her Three Kings Bejeweled Cake Stand for the traditional Rosca de Reyes cake — what a sparkly, shiny way to close out the holiday season!

“While Three Kings Day traditions vary from region to region, one aspect is universal—the Rosca de Reyes cake! Trimmed in candies and fruit that look like jewels, it’s a very royal treat, and it’s just too regal a dessert to be served on a plain platter,” said Kathy. “That’s why I came up with a cake stand that resembles a crown. (You can also repurpose it as a centerpiece for the holidays next year — just top it with Christmas tree ornaments!) It’s also very easy to assemble — a fun activity for the entire family!”

To get started, follow the directions below.

Three Kings Bejeweled Cake Stand

What You’ll Need:
1 gold plastic serving tray
Threshold hammered large serving bowl with gold finish
set of Women’s 21-piece textured bangle set – multicolor
Large gems, sequins and glitter
1 tube extra-strength adhesive
1 roll of Up & Up wide double-stick tape
Up & Up glue gun

What  You’ll Do:

1. Wrap a piece of the double-stick tape around the outside edge of the tray. Press down with your fingers to make sure it adheres tightly to the surface.

2. Place the bracelets around the tray, one-by-one, evenly spaced. You may need to add a drop of hot glue due to the curve of the tray.

3. Gather up the gems and other items you’d like to use as decorations.

4. After the bracelets, add the gems. Then place the sequins onto the tape. Fill in any open spots with loose glitter. This will give your cake stand maximum sparkle!

5. As a last step, add a thick layer of extra-strength adhesive around the bottom of the bowl and place the tray on top. Make sure it is centered, and let dry for at least 30-minutes. You really want the glue to harden so that the tray stays put when you go to slice and serve the cake.

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