Target x NBC: Live From New York, It’s “Saturday Night Line”!

November 17, 2014 - Article reads in
SNLine with Target and NBC

How long have you been watching NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”? The hijinks have been going on for a whopping 40 years! Over the last four decades, an encyclopedia’s worth of laugh-out-loud, catchphrase-laden sketches have aired, a hilarious ride that’s made “SNL” one of the longest running shows in television history.

This fall, NBC debuted an original digital series created in celebration of “SNL’s” 40thanniversary. The title? “Saturday Night Line. And the first sponsor? Target.

Part web series, part masterful improv performance, the series is an homage to the throngs of SNL devotees who line up outside 30 Rock in the hopes of scoring free stand-by tickets to the dress rehearsal or live show. “Saturday Night Line” features SNL cast members visiting with the show’s super-fans as they queue up for the coveted stubs.

The first Target-integrated episode of “SNLine” premiered Nov. 15 and gave guests a modern take on the classic “hands on a hard body” contest. The next episode airs on Nov. 22, so check back this weekend and through December for even more “SNLine” shenanigans!

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