Ready, Set, Shop: The Holiday 2014 Look Book is Here

November 11, 2014 - Article reads in
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Welcome to the mother of A Bullseye View look book reveals: holiday! Before you dive in and browse hundreds of amazing gift ideas from Target, let our team of experts — Nate Berkus, Sonia Kashuk, Emily Henderson and Chris March — tell you about their favorites. We asked each of them two things: to identify a must-give from the holiday look book (MUST) and to tell us what they’re hoping to receive this holiday season (LUST). Read on for their faves.

MUST: The Winged Bowl. These would make a great gift for anyone who’s hosting a party or entertaining at home. I would incorporate a pair of them into a tablescape, placing one on each side of a low centerpiece and filling them with nuts, dried fruits, or even votives.

LUST: I really don’t have a wish list this holiday season, and I’ll tell you why: My husband Jeremiah and I have been renovating our house for two years and we finally get to move back in! My wish is just to be able to be in the house again with all of our things—our books, our framed photos… they’ve been boxed up in storage for far too long!

MUST: A combination of two products: the Deco Starlet Eye Palette and the Jazzed Up Nudes Lip Palette. I always love a smoky eye and the fact that we’ve created a palette that’s chic and beautiful, yet portable and functional is incredible. Paired with the contrast of a nude lip, it’s the perfect holiday look.

LUST: I’m a jewelry girl. I love gold jewelry – can’t get enough of it! And I always would love new photography and artwork.

MUST: The snowman earmuffs. I think it would make a great holiday gift for just about anybody…anybody with a sense of humor. Or anyone who wants a little attention on social media.

LUST: Vacation! It’d be nice to have some time off and go on vacation. I’d definitely go somewhere warm and sunny. Maybe Italy…

MUST: The White and Gold Pillar Candlestick Holder from Target’s Threshold collection because it’s great for holiday, but clearly can work in your home year-round. I would give it to someone who is into home décor – anyone who loves that modern, bright white Scandinavian aesthetic.

LUST: I would love for someone to surprise me and clean, wash and detail my car. That would be such a good gift. And I never buy myself cashmere, because it’s expensive and it’s a little fancy. I don’t want to ruin it. But if someone else bought me a cashmere sweater, scarf or throw, I would be psyched.

For more great gift ideas, browse Target’s complete Holiday Look Book below.

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