Seeing Double: DJs AndrewAndrew Reveal Colorful New Eyewear Collection for Target Optical

October 3, 2014 - Article reads in
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They’re co-designers, DJs, NYC tastemakers and always identically dressed to impress. Now the globetrotting duo AndrewAndrew has teamed up with Target Optical to design an exclusive line of “preppy chic” glasses.

Eager to know (and see!) more, we caught up with the creativity team to hear about their stylish specs for Target Optical, below.

How would you describe your personal style?
We don’t dress the way anybody dresses. We’re conservatively quirky and very colorful, very pattern-forward. We’ve put so much thought into our seasonal wardrobes that we can just pick things out at random or in the dark and they’ll go together, because nothing goes together. It’s all just a pattern explosion.

Tell us about your partnership with Target Optical.
We’ve been working on this collaboration for more than a year. It’s such an exciting opportunity and it’s been so hard to keep quiet about it! We knew that we wanted to work with Target ever since Michael Graves did his first collection. We’ve always loved the way Target creates well-designed, well-curated collections that are affordable for everyone.

What’s different about the Target Optical eyewear collection?
Color! When we were designing the line, color was a central element.  Because once you’ve got the shapes down, it’s about “how do you inject a bit of pop into the design process?” And color was it for us.

Music is such a big part of your lives. How did it impact the design of your Target Optical collection?
When we DJ, we DJ for the people and play music they love—the eyewear collection reflects that. Our goal, when doing anything, is to invite everyone to be part of the party… and then confuse them a little bit by playing Beethoven or Dolly Parton. But we’ll get back to playing Beyoncé in just a minute, you know?  So that’s what our eyewear collection is like.

Is there anything you want Target guests to know?
We’re not twins. We’re not brothers. And yes, the underwear does match.

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