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You’re Married, Now What? Brit Morin Walks You Through the Post-Wedding To-Dos

You’ve just returned from a blissful honeymoon. You’re halfway through the door and you see it: a giant stack of wedding presents waiting to be unwrapped, unboxed, used, returned or exchanged.  Let’s also not forget about the thank you notes that have yet to be written. Don’t panic.

Brit Morin has been in your shoes. Below, Target’s wedding savant offers tips that will help you breeze through pesky post-wedding chores so you can stop sweating the small stuff and get back to enjoying married life. Now, let’s cheers to that!

1. Thank You Notes: You’ll have four to six weeks to send out thank you notes before it feels like it’s too late. If you hate writing, print out a wedding photo, write ‘thank you’ in a card and then sign it. You don’t have to pen a narrative, but you should send something hand-written!

2. Sort Through Your Stuff: Create two piles: one for gifts to keep and one for gifts to return. Once you’ve sorted through everything, see if there’s something you still need. Have your wedding registry on-hand as a reminder.

3. Returns and Exchanges: Most retailers have a 30-day return policy, so once you’re back from your honeymoon, get to it! Use store credit to buy items you still need.

4. Change Your NameIf you decide to change or hyphenate your last name, go ahead and have fun with it! Get your bathroom towels or your workbag monogrammed with your new initials!

5. Store Your Wedding Dress: Once you’ve had your dress cleaned, store it in a large light-tight box. If you can avoid putting it in your attic or garage, it will be best preserved inside the house where the climate is more controlled.

6. Get Active: Some of the best gifts you’ll get are the gifts of ‘experience.’ A great way to send thank you notes for these gifts is to send a picture of you and your hubby doing the gifted activity. Sign up for those cooking classes and gear up for some couples yoga!

7. Collect the Memories: Print out pictures from your honeymoon and put together a memory box. Include your wedding album, save-the-dates, invites and maybe even pressed flowers from your bouquet.

Still in the wedding planning phase? Get inspired and check out our wedding boards on Pinterest!

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