Want to Rock Your Kids’ World this Holiday? Announcing Target's Boutique Brand Toys and Top Toys

September 15, 2014 - Article reads in
Target Top Toys

Here at A Bullseye View, we’re all about the work hard, play hard mentality, but when we heard Target’s announcement of a new assortment of boutique brand toys, all we wanted to do was play.

Wanting to offer kids the best chance to get creative, explore their imaginations and make learning a blast, Target partnered with more than a dozen toy brands to fill its shelves with an assortment of new, affordable products that kids and parents will love.

It didn’t take long before we were decorating our My Look Messenger Bags or making crazy shapes with Magna-tiles and realizing that Target’s boutique brand toys are oodles of fun.

See for yourself: Check out one of our boutique brand toy creations, below!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Target also released a special list of this year’s upcoming top toys and hot electronics, and we were pleased to see that some fan favorites from LeapFrog, Barbie, LEGO, Fisher-Price and several Target exclusives, made the cut.

The top toy list includes gifts for kids of all ages, and though we may not be children any longer, we fell in love with the top toys too; they’re that good!

 Don’t just take our word for it; it’s time for us to let the toys do the talking…or in this case, the zooming and racing!

Take a peek at Target’s boutique brand toys and top toys in the gallery, below. Let playtime begin!

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