Homemade Dipping OIl

A 3-Step DIY That’ll Make Your Mouth Water: Homemade Dipping Oil

There are few things we enjoy more than fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. But pair that with some garlic or chili-pepper-infused dipping oils, and you’ll have us eating out of the palm of your hand…literally.

This fall, we’re giving the dipping oil a dynamic, homemade upgrade with the infusion of our favorite herbs, spices and citrus flavors. That’s not even the best part; this DIY is as easy as one, two, three. See for yourself!

What You’ll Need:
Cordial bottles
Market Pantry olive oil
Sea salt
Dried chili pepper
Bay leaves

What You’ll Do:
1. Wash herbs and let them dry thoroughly. A few of our favorite infusion recipes include: lemon, sea salt, and thyme; dried chili pepper and lime; garlic and chili pepper; and oregano, bay leaves, and ground chili pepper.

2. Combine herbs and olive oil in cordial bottle and let sit for one week in a cool, dry spot.

3. Enjoy!

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