Party Planning Tips from Pinterest Pros

Pinterest-Worthy Party Planning Tips from Top Pinners

Ain’t no party like a Pinterest party! You know who said that? We did. But Pinterest confirmed it, so it’s totally legit. According to the visual gurus, there are more than 700,000 pins related to party planning every single day — from décor and photo booth ideas to menu inspiration and clean up tips. While we love getting lost in the Pinterest vortex as much as (er, way more than) the next person, sometimes you need to plan a party in a pinch!

So, what are the most essential planning tips you need to know before trying to bring that inspiring summer party idea to life? Joy Cho of Oh Joy!, Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson of Poppytalk and Kate Arends of Wit & Delight — some of Pinterest’s most influential pinners and Target’s recent design partners — are here to help, offering stress-free party planning tips to throwing an alfresco Pinterest-worthy party to be proud of (say that three times fast). Check em’ out below.

Consider unconventional seating for an outdoor gathering. “I love spreading out a ton of blanketsstools mats to turn the backyard into one big lounge area and picnic! Sitting on the ground feels more casual anyway and is way easier than having to bring out a ton of chairs.” ~ Joy

Don’t let the weather ruin your party – have a rain plan. “In-door porches, tents or canopies can revive a rained-out BBQ, but if the weather gets too severe, consider ordering in pizzas and hosting a picnic in the living room. Bring out blankets and floor pillows and put on a classic movie both kids and adults will enjoy. Maybe serve root beer floats for dessert. We did this every Friday growing up and it’s one of my favorite memories.” ~ Kate

Maximize your space. “You can easily disperse a crowd by created different stations for food and beverages, and scattering lawn games across the yard. Bocce ball and badminton are my favorites!” ~ Kate

Prepare for the elements. “Fill up spray bottles of ice-cold water for guests to mist on themselves to keep cool, provided lots of icy treats (like popsicles!) and keep them hydrated with fun drinks.” ~ Joy

Rethink your food presentation. “It seemed no matter how pretty we made a fruit platter, no one ever seemed to eat it… until we decided to put the fruit on skewers. Seems fruit looks more delicious and fun when served kebab style!” ~ Jan and Earl

[Editor’s note: Try making “skewers” with the Poppytalk straws — they’re great on their own or extra cute as cupcake toppers.]

Keep the bugs away – without sacrificing ambiance. “I love using mosquito repellent lamps that emit a warm glow while keeping bugs at bay. If the lamps aren’t the cutest of colors, you can simply cover them in sheets of tissue paper or patterned liners.” ~ Joy

Ease your preparation stress by planning out your menu. “It’s all about menu planning and timing. Prepare hot dishes that can be made ahead of time and reheated. For cold dishes, keep platters chilled until just before serving time. Wait until the majority of your guests arrive and have settled in before making an announcement that food is ready. Plan to refill platters as needed (once or twice), so each dish stays at the optimal temperature.” ~ Kate 

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