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MLB Players Share “Training Tips” to Keep Kids Reading During Summer

Major League Baseball players Carlos Beltran and Adrian Gonzalez know better than most how important it is to stay in shape during the off-season. Well, the same goes for students and learning! Summer break is no excuse for young minds to sit idle or get out of academic shape.

Research shows that kids can be set back by up to three months in math and reading if they don’t engage in educational activities during vacation. The brain is a muscle like any other and it needs to flex itself and practice essential skills to remain ahead of the curve.

Below, Carlos and Adrian share educational equivalents to their off-season training tips, and offer ways to keep kids learning and reading during summer. Consider it a scholastic workout!

Just like any exercise regimen, it’s important to diversify your routine. “With my schedule, routines do not exist,” says Adrian. “Parents and kids should switch up their reading routine so they’re always learning and improving.”

“While it’s easy to take a day off or cut a workout short, stay committed and get your work in,” says Carlos. “It’s very important to set aside time for reading every day. It takes dedication, but be sure to plan ahead and make it happen.”

“I focus on two or three parts of the body during each workout to make for a more specific workout,” says Adrian. Parents can try the same approach when teaching their children — focus on a small handful of vocabulary words for a few days and then change-up the list.

“When our children do something special, we reward them with books,” says Carlos. Athletes who practice hard and perform well are often rewarded with more playing time or a starting position. Turn the task into the reward.

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