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Next time you walk into your local Target store, take a moment to look around.

The tile beneath your feet is most likely made of recycled materials. The lights above are engineered for efficiency. And the cart you’re piling high with good-for-you products is made from partially recycled materials. Perhaps you’re even in one of Target’s revamped historic buildings, such as the Chicago CityTarget, or you’re in Canada, where all stores are LEED-certified.

The signs of sustainability are endless, but we know you have to get back to that other list — your shopping list! — so we’ll get to the point.

When Target pledged to tackle sustainability goals like improving packaging, building smarter stores that include recycling stations and reusable bags, increasing organic product assortment and, overall, helping our guests make more sustainable choices, the team meant business.

“It’s about what innovation we can drive around sustainability at Target,” says Katie Erickson, vice president, Category Marketing, Sustainability and Bullseye Brand at Target. “The power of a company like Target to push the industry and our vendors and partners is inspiring. You can feel the momentum.”

For example, take the recent launch of Made to Matter—Handpicked by Target, a first-of-its-kind partnership and collection from leading natural, organic and sustainable brands. And this week, Target once again brought together a group of industry leaders for a good cause.

The Bullseye hosted its fifth annual Target Sustainability Forum in Minneapolis, recognizing partners and team members who have gone above and beyond to drive forward the company’s Sustainability vision and educating attendees about the progress Target has made over the past year.

Fireside chats from both Target and external trailblazers fostered lively conversations about Target’s plans for the future. We went along for the ride. Check out the video below!

What Sustainability Means at Target Play

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