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Target volunteers

A few years ago, Target set a company goal: By the end of 2015, we hoped to be tracking 700,000 volunteer hours annually as a team. Little did we know, in 2013 our team members would put their volunteer talents into overdrive, tracking more than 1 million volunteer hours by the end of the fiscal year and surpassing the original goal two years ahead of schedule. During National Volunteer Week in April, we celebrated the team’s big milestone and kicked off another year of dedication to the communities where we live and work. Because we love a challenge, we’ve made it our new goal to track another million hours in 2014.

So how do our team members manage to track so many hours each year? They do it by setting out in their red volunteer shirts to support the programs and projects they love most.

For example, many of the events our team members support benefit local schools and students. Target is committed to giving $1 billion for education by the end of 2015, and our guests and team members tell us that education is one of their top issues too. Our volunteers regularly get involved in programs like Target School Library Makeovers, our Meals for Minds school food pantry program, Reading Buddies, book festivals and donations, and other projects that help students and schools get the things they need to achieve success.

A large number of our team’s service hours were given in support of Target’s longtime partner, United Way and its programs. In 2013, Target and individual team members donated more than $15 million, and team members volunteered more than 204,000 hours as part of our annual United Way campaign. Their work helps local organizations feed hungry families, keep kids safe from domestic violence, research cures for disease and more.

Our volunteers often team up with their law enforcement partners on events and activities that help keep their communities strong, healthy and safe. From planning a neighborhood block party to welcoming kids and officers for a Heroes & Helpers holiday shopping event, our teams log hours helping communities maintain positive relationships with local law enforcement.

When disasters occur, our teams are also quick to volunteer in support of their communities’ recovery efforts.  Target and local stores provided more than $1 million for disaster relief in 2013, and team members help their neighbors pick up the pieces after storms such as the recent tornadoes and floods in the Southern United States.

Visit Volunteerism to learn more about how team members donate their time and talent in their communities.

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