9 Reasons to Love Target’s Not-so-Generic Store Brand

May 30, 2014 - Article reads in
Up & Up Target

National name brand or store brand — which to choose? It’s a decision you’re probably faced with often when you’re shopping, whether you’re talking about sunscreen or sundried tomatoes.

In the past, higher price usually meant higher quality, but that’s not the case in today’s retail world. At Target, up & up — one of Target’s many owned and exclusive labels — holds its own against the national brands.

Launched in 2009, Target’s up & up has delivered performance and value that consistently beats national-brand products in testing. In honor of up & up’s fifth birthday: nine fast facts about this beloved-by-guests brand.

1. Moms know all the good dirt. More than 900 of them kept diaries of their biggest laundry challenges so Target could formulate up & up liquid laundry detergent specifically to smack down the worst stains: mud, grass, deodorant and more.

2. When 12 sunscreens were tested last year, the top pick was up & up Sport SPF 50 — at almost $6 less per ounce than one of the national brands tested.

3. Guests griped about 13-gallon drawstring kitchen trash bags tearing at the top, so Target engineers redesigned up & up bags to be stronger. Bonus: the new design saves more than a million pounds of plastic every year.

4. Plastic microbeads are effective exfoliators… but because they aren’t biodegradable, they’re polluting oceans and lakes. Up & up will soon be one of the first brands to remove the beads from personal care products in favor of natural alternatives.

5. Parents want performance and sustainability in baby wipes. New up & up wipes not only clean better, but they’re also made from cotton plus fiber derived from natural cellulose.

6. Target knew that up & up Renewal Cleanser brightens skin as well as national alternatives — and proved it with the help of guests who participated in clinical testing that showed complexion improvements with regular use.

7. The FDA is reviewing the risks of the antibacterial ingredient triclosan used in soaps and body washes. Some manufacturers say they’ll phase it out over the next few years, but Target is ahead of the curve with the launch of up & up triclosan-free products this year.

8. Last year, Target gave 50 elementary school teachers a report card for “grading” up & up school supplies like crayons, glue and markers. The Bullseye used their input to build a better crayon with stronger paper and a less waxy formulation.

9. With the help of more than 1,500 parents (and babies, naturally), Target tested a dozen new diaper designs. Bottom line: up & up’s diapers with a cotton-enhanced dryness layer, coming later this year, were a top pick.

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