Earth Day DIY: Mini Succulent Wine Cork Planters

There’s nothing like an Earth Day DIY to celebrate our planet and have fun doing it! We showed you how to make a mini terrarium last week and now Target Inner Circle member Jennie Lyon of My Sweet Greens has a new craft to share. Below, she’ll help you recycle your old wine corks to make magnetic wine cork planters. So, pop open a bottle of vino (may we suggest Modern House Wine!) and get crafting.

I wanted to celebrate this year with a simple project (Earth Day is on a Tuesday, and school nights are super busy over here) that we could enjoy in our home year-round.

I ran to Target over the weekend to pick up a few essentials and a couple bottles of wine for date night. When the wine bottle was empty, I started to think of ways to reuse the cork—that’s when I thought magnetic cork planters would be a fun project. Read on for the simple step-by-step instructions and have a fun Earth Day!

What You’ll Need:
Wine corks
Knife, screwdriver or pocketknife
Hot glue and glue-gun
Organic soil
Small shoot-offs from your favorite plants

What You’ll Do:

1. Prepare the corks: I carefully carved out the inside of each cork, leaving the bottom in tact, with a kitchen knife. Be careful, as you don’t want to split the cork (it took me a couple of tries to get it right). Then, I used hot glue to add a magnet to the back of each cork. I used what I had on hand but if you’re buying magnets try to get heavy duty ones that are small enough so they won’t peak out from behind the cork.

2. Add the soil and plants: I used my fingers to add a small amount of soil to the inside of each cork. Then, I used a toothpick to dig a small hole in the center of the soil for my plant’s roots. I added the plant and then carefully added more soil until the roots were completely covered.

3. Enjoy! I hung my cute little trio of magnetic cork planters on our refrigerator; they are the perfect way to bring a little nature inside on Earth Day. Water these planters with a straw or eye dropper regularly.

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