announcing a major expansion to Target Subscriptions

April 15, 2014 - Article reads in
assortment of subscription items

Target Subscriptions started as a small pilot program last September, allowing guests to order baby items at and have them delivered at regular intervals to their home. Guests loved this new, easy way to shop—in fact, eligible subscription items now account for more than 15 percent of sales on those items.

The success of the pilot showed there’s demand for this type of service, so Target Subscriptions is expanding—big time. Here are a few of the changes guests can enjoy:

A few extra benefits? Target Subscriptions can serve as a built-in reminder for recurring tasks, like applying flea and tick medicine to your pet. “Furnace filters are another great example,” says Matt Cummings, subscriptions business manager, Multichannel Strategy & Analytics. “You can schedule the filters to show up every three months so you never need to remember when you’re supposed to replace them.”

Target Subscriptions also provides a way to discreetly buy products a guest may feel awkward purchasing in store, like hair re-growth items or weight loss aids.

Future categories may include pet food, dry grocery and additional household supplies, Matt says.
“Target Subscriptions is a win-win,” Matt adds. “The program provides convenience and value for our guests and increased growth opportunity for Target.”

To learn more and to see the full assortment of eligible items, visit the new Target Subscriptions page on

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