Nate Berkus on the Set of “Cougar Town”

March 17, 2014 - Article reads in
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If you’re tuning in to for tomorrow night’s episode of TBS’s original comedy, “Cougar Town,” you may notice something extra stylish on set—the Nate Berkus at Target collection! And in case you want to get your hands on a lamp or rug seen in the show, you can shop the featured Nate Berkus at Target items by visiting

When Laurie Keller, Busy Phillips’ fun-loving and eccentric character, and her boyfriend Travis Cobb, played by Dan Byrd, decide it’s time to redecorate her apartment, the couple heads to Target to pick up a few of Nate’s pieces. We won’t give away all of the details, but a little décor drama ensues!

For the scene, set decorator Cynthia McCormac chose celestial-inspired designs and some of Nate’s favorites that add a touch of glam to Laurie’s funky, candy-colored apartment. Follow along as Nate goes behind the scenes with Cynthia, and get Laurie’s look below!

Remember to tune in and shop along during the March 18 episode by visiting


1. Decorative Box; 2. Decorative Gem; 3. Circle Pierced Frame; 4. Gold Table Lamp Base; 5. Stoneware Vase; 6. Earthenware Vase; 7. Starburst Wall Decor; 8. Accent Table; 9. Bleached Picture Frame; 10. Single Candle Holder; 11. Purple Chevron Area Rug; 12. Decorative Tray; 13. Decorative Pillow; 14. Bleached Picture Frame; 15. Lamp Shade; 16. Earthenware Crater Tray; 17. Metal Decorative Storage Bin; 18. Single Candle Holder; 19. Matte Edge Vase; 20. Earthenware Bowl; 21. Decorative Pillow; 22. Seagrass Flatweave Storage Basket; 23. Tortoise Shell Box

“Cougar Town” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TBS

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