Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow

You probably wouldn’t have predicted that a tiny, plastic brick would dominate the toy industry for decades, but that’s been the case since the iconic LEGO brick was introduce in 1958. From dedicated amusement parks (Hello, LEGOLAND!) to the recent, ahem, blockbuster, it seems bricks can’t be beat.

In fact, “The LEGO Movie” has topped the U.S. box office since its Feb. 7 release, and the animated flick’s success has transcended from the theaters to Target. As the popular theme song says, everything is awesome, especially when it comes to the popularity of LEGO at Target.

In conjunction with the movie’s release, Target launched a “The LEGO Movie”section in stores and an online experience at, featuring everything from LEGO-shaped luggage tags to sketchbooks to the Target-exclusive LEGO movie collection.

But LEGO has always been, well, a building block for Target’s toy aisle — thousands of kids have fostered their imaginations and challenged their own creativity through nearly every LEGO product out there over the years.

So how does LEGO really stack up at Target? Take a look at a few fun facts below!

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