tgtMAKE Day participants

“makers” at Target meet, create, innovate

Target headquarters recently hosted an event that’s perfect for Target’s maker team members. It’s called tgtMAKE Day, and it’s sponsored by tgtMAKE, a research and discovery incubator at Target that provides team members with a forum to experiment, research and innovate at Target headquarters year-round. The twice-a-year, one-day MAKE Day events give team members the opportunity to put their regular work aside, get together in one huge room and collaborate on technology solutions for business problems, all while listening to loud crowd-sourced music and staying fueled by caffeine and snacks.

But it’s not just tech experts participating. Prior to tgtMAKE Day, anyone with an innovative idea or business problem to solve can submit an idea in the tgtMAKE community on the Target headquarters intranet. If team members with tech skills want to work on a project, they can peruse the ideas and reach out offering their services. And if someone generates a great idea but doesn’t have the necessary technical skills, that’s okay—they’ll be matched up with people who do.

For the most recent tgtMAKE Day, 18 teams—representing areas of the company including Marketing, Merchandising and Property Development—worked on 18 different ideas. At the end of the day, each team presented its idea and reported (in 90 seconds or less) on the progress it made during the day. Then came the following awards:

Make It Happen: The most useful and viable idea that should get productionalized immediately
Almost Awesomesauce: The idea that’s full of promise but needs iteration and shouldn’t die
Most Spectacular Failure: The best attempt at something amazing that failed during MAKE Day
Maker’s Choice: The idea that each participant likes most, for any reason

While tgtMAKE Day is a big event, it’s not the only time an idea can be explored. Team members can submit ideas anytime, and if approved, they receive funding so the projects can be worked on. “Target is a really innovative company, and our culture values innovation,” says Jordan Tack, business analyst for Target’s Strategy & Innovation group. “I’ve loved being part of things like tgtMAKE and the creative community here at Target. Everyone has great ideas, and tgtMAKE is an excellent way to express and actually build on those ideas.”

The next tgtMAKE Day will be held this summer.

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