A Clever and Covert Christmas GIF Wrapping Guide

This season, Jonna Mendez — former CIA Chief of Disguise and our Target Kids’ Gift Detective — has helped moms pull off a covert Christmas.

She’s shared spy-inspired tips on how to do everything from figuring out what kids really want to shopping stealthily and hiding gifts in unique places so they don’t have a chance to peek at present purchases.

Well, now it’s time to wrap and give gifts in clever ways to keep the surprises coming on Christmas morning.

Go beyond bows and pretty paper with a few, fun ideas from Jonna, who’s sharing seven ideas (and a few GIFs) in our gift wrapping guide with Brianne from Stroller in the City!

1. Keep your kids guessing by disguising your handwriting on gift tags so they don’t know who sent the present.

2. Combine multiple gifts in one unique holiday wrapping job. For ours, we stacked several LEGO sets to resemble a Christmas tree. We just needed a bit of tape and some imagination!

Target Top Toy Featured: LEGO Legends of Chima

3. Make it a fun challenge for kids to open their gifts by putting boxes inside boxes and wrapping with LOTS of tape.

4. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt for their gifts! Inside a traditionally wrapped box, include a phone and note with instructions to find the next Christmas clue. We enlisted Grandma for our gift game. So what was the gift? The Jonna-approved Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam.

5. Give your kids a clue to what’s inside the package by choosing clever corresponding wrapping. For example, wrap Marvel Titan Super Heroes  in superhero comic book pages!

6. Save the biggest gift for last. Hide it somewhere in the house, and just when kids think they’ve opened all their gifts, send them on a hunt to find it.

7. Camouflage presents inside other wrapped items so they think they’re receiving a different gift. Instead, their real gift will be hiding inside!

Target Top Toy Featured: Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna Doll

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