Top Secret Places for Hiding Holiday Gifts

This season, Jonna Mendez — former CIA Chief of Disguise and our Target Kids’ Gift Detective — has been providing helpful tips for moms to pull off the truly covert mission of delivering a great Christmas.

Thanks to the Target Kids’ Gift Detective’s CIA-inspired tips, we’ve shown you how to do everything from figuring out what kids really want under the tree to shopping stealthily so they don’t peek at present purchases.

Now that you’ve got the gifts, you’ll face another dilemma — where to hide them? Some kids will make it their mission to find your hideout, while others prefer to wait for a Christmas morning surprise. Either way, your covert Christmas assignment is to make sure they don’t stumble across the gifts that are meant for the big reveal on the big day.

Suzanne of Mom Confessionals has three curious kids to watch out for and needs advice from the Kids’ Gift Detective, so we’re offering her (and you!) holiday gift camouflage inspiration.

We’ve concealed a few top gifts around her interactive house below with — yes, you guessed it — more of Jonna’s tips. See if you can spot them…

Kids’ Gift Detective Tip 1: Crypsis (Blend in with your surroundings…)

How Moms Can Use It: To ace the art of camouflage, blend presents into the background, making them hard to detect. Try hiding gifts with similarly shaped objects or colors. Your little superhero will never think to look for the Max Steel Turbo Sword that is hidden among the umbrellas. You’ll be the Christmas chameleon! 

Kids’ Gift Detective Tip 2: Reverse Psychology (…or be completely obvious.)

How Moms Can Use It: Sometimes the best disguise is no disguise at all. When kids are snooping for something in particular, they’ll often overlook the obvious. They’ll never suspect you’re hiding gifts in the most obvious of locales, like a kitchen cabinet or tucked away in the bottom of the laundry bin. Toys hidden in the dirty laundry? Mom would never!

Kids’ Gift Detective Tip 3: Restricted Access (Go where no kid would dare to go.)

How Moms Can Use It: Conceal your kids’ Christmas presents in areas that are too drab for snooping. When was the last time your kids reached for anything in the cleaning cabinet, anyways? It’s basically a kid-free zone.

Where are your best hiding spots for holiday gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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