Vintage Ads from Target's Holiday History

December 4, 2013 - Article reads in

As we look forward to an exciting holiday season, we dug into the archives and found some hidden gems from Target’s retail history. No, we’re not talking about the Ghosts of Christmas Past!

Our vault is filled with many magical moments, especially from the holidays—from historic window displays to iconic advertising campaigns. Take a look through these throwback ads, below. Happy Holidays!

1941: Daytons (the company today known as Target) celebrated the season with a block-long moving picture, “Mr. Bug Goes to Town,” on display in their holiday windows in downtown Minneapolis.

1951: Last minute shoppers could always count on Dayton’s.

1963: One cent cookie sale? Those were the days!

1969: This Weekly Ad resembled a winter wonderland.

1970: Fashion was the focus of this holiday ad.

1971: It pays to be thrifty when you’re being gifty.

1972: What was Christmas without a few cassette tapes?

1974: Target was all about the turkey (and the crock pot) for this ad! 

1975: Got to love a “Procrastination Christmas Sale.”

1980: Feminine blouses were the merriest gift idea of the 80s.

1987: Everything you needed for a homespun holiday.

1990: Cabbage Patch Kids dolls reigned supreme in the early nineties.

1991: Who didn’t want a Super Nintendo?

1993: Could this ad be any more 90s?

1999: We instantly warmed up to this classic Christmas ad.

2003: Two words: Dancing ornaments.

2006: Designer Tord Boontje collaborated with Target to deck the halls! He designed 35 products, packaging and graphic design including all catalogues and store graphics.

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