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How Designer Nate Berkus Decorates and Celebrates the Holidays

Holiday decorating can go way beyond mistletoe or the standard red-and-green color palette. Designer Nate Berkus prefers a more contemporary style for his holiday décor, including metallic, black, white and gold accents that add an extra bit of glamour to an already-festive season. Good thing his new holiday collection at Target is filled with shining statement-makers that you can keep all year round.

We chatted with Nate about how he plans to decorate (and celebrate!) this holiday season.

Are you excited for the holiday season? Unlike just about every other person on the planet who dreads the travel part of the holiday season, I look forward to it. That’s probably because after visiting family, I sneak away for some personal travel. There have been trips to Hawaii, Europe and Asia – that’s my kind of holiday. It’s a perfect time to go because everyone else is checked out on break so the phone doesn’t ring, and I really get to just decompress. I’ve come to love traveling at this time of year!

Tell us about your holiday collection. My holiday collection at Target this year focuses on something that will work well beyond the holidays… black, white and gold. It’s a timeless color combination that adds some shine to your holiday decor but will work well into the spring — long after the garland has come down.

Metallic holiday decor is a big trend this year, and your collection shines! Was it important for you to include metallic in the collection?
It’s funny, I never follow the trends — I just design what I love. I’ve been designing with brassgold and metallic for years. It always works, and your eye will never get tired of it.

You just moved in to a new home! How will you decorate your abode? Usually I’m in New York, and hunkering down for the cold weather. This year I’ll be in LA as I’m shooting my new show out there. The great thing about LA is that you get to entertain outside year round, so I’m ramping up my outdoor decor — tons of candles, throws and a fully stocked bar for starters!

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