Target Kids Gift Detective

Tips to Finding Out What Your Kids Really Want this Holiday

We know that giving your kids a great Christmas requires lots of covert operations from parents – from figuring out what they want to a clever wrapping job that keeps presents a mystery. Whatever your deck-the-halls dilemma, Jonna Mendez — former CIA Chief of Disguise and our Target Kids’ Gift Detective — is here to save the (holi)day!

First, she’ll help figure out what’s on top of your kids’ wish lists. Follow along below as she helps Mom (aka Sarah Wilson from One Savvy Mom) solve the mysterious case of What the Heck Do My Kids Want? with covert tips and advice inspired by her years spent as a top-secret agent. 

Jonna’s CIA Tip: Clandestine Communication
How Moms Can Use It: Ask your kids to write their wish lists using “Santa’s Secret Ink” (plain lemon juice works best) that only Santa can read. While the ink appears transparent at first, it will slowly turn brown, and therefore legible, when you apply a little heat (a blow dryer or light bulb will do just the trick). Stay tuned for our secret ink tutorial…

Jonna’s CIA Tip: Access Agents
How Moms Can Use It: When you take your kids to meet Santa at your local mall, make friends with the elves that stand next to the big guy. When your kids whisper wish lists into Santa’s ear, an elf can listen in and report back (via text messaging is our Mom’s choice) on what gifts to get.

Jonna’s CIA Tip: Covert Observation
How Moms Can Use It: Plan a fun art activity for your kids to do with the babysitter. Have the babysitter ask them to draw or paint what they think Christmas will look like this year. They’ll never expect you’re getting a glimpse into their dream gifts!

High five for a truly covert Christmas! Now that you’ve used investigative tips to figure out what your kids want, it’s time to make good on their wish lists. Stay tuned for Jonna’s Target tips on stealthy shopping.

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