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Target Taps Former CIA Chief of Disguise to Decode Kids’ Wish Lists this Holiday

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner, and you’re wondering what toys, games and newfangled gadgets your kids will crave this year. Getting kids to make a list parents can shop from, however, isn’t always easy—maybe they’re indecisive, or dub every hot item a must-have.

Don’t hit the panic button yet; we asked Target’s Kids’ Gift Detective and former CIA chief of disguise, Jonna Mendez for her advice using a kid-friendly version of spy-level intelligence gathering. In the coming weeks, we’ll post a series where popular mom bloggers use the Kids’ Gift Detective’s playful techniques to help follow their kids’ clues to find the perfect gifts.

And be on the look-out for Target’s kids’ gift catalog—coming soon to a mailbox near you—and visit for thousands of gift ideas!

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