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Wicked Crafty: Upgrade Your Halloween Pumpkin

While no one can deny the charm of the classic triangle-eyed pumpkin, we’ve got a few new decorating ideas this Halloween.

Put down the carving tools and pick up a paintbrush because Target’s pumpkin decorating kits are a no-mess (okay, a little mess) twist on traditional jack-o’-lanterns. From black bumblebees to eight-legged spiders, these cute creatures make for a fun and family-friendly activity.

We tested out one of the pumpkin kits — check it out below. With just a little paint, stickers and glitter glue, we transformed two plain pumpkins into a googly-eyed, double decker owl. It was a hoot (we love a good pumpkin pun)!

What You’ll Need:
Owl Pumpkin Decorating Kit, available in Target stores
5” and 9” pumpkin

What You’ll Do:

1. Set both of your pumpkins on a piece of newspaper of wax paper. Paint the larger pumpkin black. Once dry, paint the front of the large pumpkin white by using the sponge brush to dab the paint on—this will give you the best color coverage. Once dry, use the included marker to draw “U” shapes in the white area to create a feather pattern.

2. Form the wings using the included 4 chenille stems, 2 on each side. Bend the first chenille stem into a “U” shape. Use poker to make 2 guide holes on larger pumpkin. Insert each end of the chenille stem wings into guide hole.

3. Assemble the eyes by attaching wiggle eye stickers to round foam stickers. Attach the round foam stickers to sparkly oval stickers. Attach completed assembly to smaller pumpkin. Apply foam beak sticker to smaller pumpkin. The face is coming together!

4. Using a knife, carefully cut the bottom off of the smaller pumpkin, and place it on top of the larger pumpkin to form the head. Now, use double-sided tape to attach the feet to the bottom of larger pumpkin. Add finishing details with the glitter pen as desired!

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