Derby Days: What the Target Creative Team Does in Their Spare Time

October 30, 2013 - Article reads in
Target's Pinewood Derby

We tend to believe that we have a lot of fun at Target HQ (have you seen our life-size chess board?)! And every once in a while, we even like to challenge fellow team members to some friendly competition. Sometimes, a designer collection is at stake. Other times, it’s just about bragging rights. Most recently, it was the latter for the Target Creative team.

Like a creative agency, the Target Creative team is comprised of a diverse pool of talent — art directors, designers, writers and producers — who serve as the ultimate Target brand experts. The team’s work spans nearly every channel, including signing, packaging, print and online applications. They’re also the creative force behind a ton of Target campaigns, including this year’s Holiday campaign.

In the spirit of innovation (and just plain fun), Target Creative hosted a Pinewood Derby competition. Typically a miniature-racing event reserved for Cub Scouts, the Target team took part in their very own derby race. They designed and built their own cars from wood and then raced them on a track borrowed from a local Boy Scout troop.

More than 100 team members entered, and the results are really amazing. Peruse the finished cars below, and check out the hashtag #tgtpinewood on Instagram and Vine for more.









Interested in joining the Target Creative team? Visit for more info.

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