Target Readies for Holiday Hiring in U.S.

September 20, 2013 - Article reads in
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Summer just ended, so naturally we’re already thinking about the holiday season. We can’t help it—we’re excited for the lights, food, parties and shopping (obviously).

To make sure there are plenty of team members to assist busy holiday shoppers this season, Target will once again hire seasonal team members to supplement the year-round team members in stores across the U.S.

This year, we’re taking a slightly different approach that reflects recent trends in holiday shopping patterns and input from our year-round team members.

So, here’s the deal: Target plans to hire about 70,000 seasonal team members. We’ll also offer more hours to year-round team members, as much as five to 10 percent more for the busiest periods around Black Friday and the week before Christmas.

This approach takes into account recent trends that are becoming more and more pronounced—the busy periods are busier than ever, while the early part of December is quieter. And with year-round team members looking for more hours, we want to accommodate their requests first.

We’re excited to be welcoming back the many team members who return to Target each year for seasonal work. And, if past years are any indication, we also expect many seasonal hires to stay on and become year-round team members. For example, last year more than a third of our seasonal hires were offered year-round roles. That’s 34,000 people!

Target retains team members by creating a fun workplace where everyone feels welcome, and the holiday season is no different! Starting next month, Target is looking for seasonal team members who can deliver excellent service and help inspire guests to bring their holiday moments to life. Interested? Visit

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