Target Ticket

Target Ticket Puts Family-Friendly Entertainment at Your Fingertips

Fire up the popcorn, and turn on the TV … or your laptop or tablet or smart phone. Target’s new digital video service is making it even easier for the entire family to watch the latest movies and television shows anytime – at home or on the go.

Target Ticket gives guests an easy way to access and enjoy the latest movies and programs on their favorite digital channels and devices. The service is simple—there are no subscription or sign-up fees, and guests can rent or purchase movies and TV shows depending on their needs. Plus REDcard holders receive five percent off each purchase, and new users get 10 free downloads on select movies when they sign up—pretty shiny incentives.

Target is putting a unique, family-friendly spin on digital video through a partnership with Common Sense Media—a non-profit organization best known for its reviews of television shows and movies. Through the partnership, Target Ticket gives guests access to thousands of reviews, making it easier for parents to choose the right content for their children.

Want to make sure your kids only watch shows that have your seal of approval? Parents can customize user profiles for family members, so filters can be set according to age-appropriateness, level of violence, profanity, MPAA and TV Parental Guidelines, enabling guests to control content they deem appropriate for viewing. Target Ticket offers customized profiles for each family member, so Mom and Dad can watch the latest sci-fi thriller in the living room while kids take in their favorite animated feature in the playroom down the hall.

With a premium selection boasting more than 30,000 movies and television titles starting at $0.99 to $36.99, the service also includes exclusive Target content (think bonus interviews and behind-the-scenes extras), new film releases and next-day TV shows. Guests can access Target Ticket from all of their preferred devices, including at home on a PC or MAC, Xbox 360, Roku ®, Samsung television or Blu-Ray player, or on the go through Android or iOS. Picking a film for family night, girls’ night or Tuesday night just got easier, it seems.

Want to know how Target Ticket works? It only takes four simple steps—take a look below!

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