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When Target’s merchandising team sat down to develop the movie assortments for some of our top markets, they sought out some expert advice from team members to make our offerings come alive. Among those guiding the selection process were members of Target’s Hispanic Business Council (HBC), who helped choose the Hispanic titles that appear in the stores. “The council's recommendations helped us achieve phenomenal positive sales growth in these stores over the past year,” says Alex Tavera, merchandise planning manager.

That’s just one of the many ways the HBC’s work is reflected throughout our team and business, from our product assortments and marketing efforts to our recruiting and development, community outreach and cultural celebrations. One of six diversity and inclusion business councils at Target, along with the African American; Asian; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally (LGBTA); Military; and Women’s business councils, the HBC’s members regularly work together to provide onboarding, networking and professional development opportunities for team members across the company, and share their experience and expertise to support our business.

Currently more than 1,100 members strong, the HBC includes both Hispanic and non-Hispanic team members. “The group was originally created as a way for team members to connect as they showcase the Hispanic culture to the Target community,” says council co-chair Doug Bowles, senior group manager, Global Affairs. “That said, we also play increasingly meaningful roles in team member development and in supporting the company’s efforts to attract the Hispanic guest.”

“Everyone involved participates on their own time, in addition to their regular jobs at Target,” adds co-chair Bernard Rosenzweig, Target Technology Services group manager. “That means everyone brings a lot of passion and excitement to the group. They’re doing this because they really want to be involved.”

Celebrating culture and heritage
A major goal of the HBC is to support the company as it celebrates culture and heritage throughout the year. For example, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in May, the HBC hosted an interactive “Artists of the Americas” (AOTA) exhibition at our Minneapolis headquarters, in partnership with AOTA founders Astrid Amaya and Alejandro Garcia-Amaya, who curated works of Hispanic artists from across the globe into an interactive exhibit.

Strengthening our business
Another big role the HBC plays is to help guide our business by participating in merchandising product reviews, assisting buying and creative teams with insight and ideas that enrich our product assortments and marketing efforts. For example, its members contributed opinions to inform our grocery, home décor and entertainment assortments in several of our top Hispanic markets.

“I’ve experienced these wonderful, nostalgic moments when I discovered a product on a retail shelf that took me back to a memory of growing up in Trinidad,” says HBC member Sheridan Lewis-Rardin, Store Operations manager. “It’s exciting to think that sharing my input could help bring more of those experiences to our guests.”

Finding top talent
Each year, the HBC helps facilitate Target’s participation in some of the top diversity conferences in the United States. Conference visitors interact with its members at our business workshops and career fair booths and learn about our team culture, company values and commitment to communities.

Cosette Gutierrez, senior group manager, Community Relations, joined the Target team in 2009 after connecting with team members at our career fair booth at the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) Conference and Career Expo, and she’s returned each year since then to help Target discover more top talent. In fact, she was honored at the 2012 NSHMBA conference with the Brillante Award for Membership Excellence. "Community, team development and commitment to diversity were huge in my decision to apply at Target,” she says.

Mentorship and development
From the moment a new team member arrives, the HBC is there to offer support through onboarding, training resources and more. “Being part of the HBC has brought me a great sense of belonging at Target,” says Diana Greenfield, senior business partner, Store Operations, Minneapolis. “It’s developed my leadership skills and allowed me to meet and network with other team members who are helping me reach my career goals.”

In the spring of 2013, HBC leaders attended Target’s first-ever Hispanic Leadership Summit in partnership with the Center for Hispanic Leadership. The event brought more than 100 field team members from across the U.S. to Minneapolis for a day of trainings and workshops dedicated to leadership development.

Serving the community
The HBC also works together to deliver meaningful volunteer opportunities, many through their long-standing partnership with the Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servico (CLUES), an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of Latinos in Minnesota. HBC members volunteer regularly to support a mentorship program for Hispanic students. They also staff the annual CLUES Book Fiesta, which promotes youth literacy through reading, arts and crafts, writing competitions and poetry workshops.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at Target
Diversity is a core value we integrate into every area of our business—from our suppliers, to our teams, to the shopping experience. Our business councils, including the HBC, help us foster an inclusive culture that allows our high-performing and diverse team to drive innovation. When we put our unique talents and perspectives together, we build a better experience for every team member and guest.

Check back to learn more about each of our business councils in the coming months, and visit our Diversity & Inclusion pages to hear more from our team members about what diversity and inclusion means to them.

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