5 Real-Life Super Heroes Making a Difference at Target

June 10, 2013 - Article reads in
Target Super Heroes

We wish it were easier to spot all the real-life Super Heroes out there. Unlike Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, not every good guy gets to wear a suit or cape that helps them fly around the world fighting for justice.

Well, today that changes! In honor of DC Comics’ team of Super Heroes—the Justice League—and the exclusive summer collection co-created by Target and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, we’re revealing a few undercover agents of awesome.

The folks that work at Target—clad in their red-and-khaki uniforms—are just as powerful as the next Super Hero, whether they’re assisting guests in stores or volunteering at local community centers. With help from our graphics wizzes, we’re giving these Target crusaders a much-deserved Super Hero makeover. Each Super Hero is a 2012 “Best in Community” winner, a prestigious Target award given to top volunteers from stores, distribution centers and headquarters. Take a look below!


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