Don Draper Would Approve of This Ad from Target’s Archive

May 13, 2013 - Article reads in
Daytons vs AMC Mad Men

[Spoiler alert!]

Mad Men,” now deep into its sixth salacious season, puts ad man Don Draper (played by John Hamm) back on top. After last night’s episode, with the start of a merger and the end of Sylvia and Don’s affair, there’s no telling where the season will end, but we love where it started.

For the season premiere of the drama chronicling the world of 1960s American ad agencies, AMC fittingly commissioned a poster, drawn in the “bubble and streak” style that was commonplace in 60s-era fashion advertising, by iconic illustrator Brian Sanders.

The ad recently caught the eye of Target historian Tony Jahn, who swore he’d seen a similar image somewhere before. After a short search through the archives, he discovered the below image—an old advertisement from Dayton’s department store, Target’s predecessor.

As one marketer to another, we tip our hat (a grey fedora, of course) to you, “Mad Men,” for the throwback ad.


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