How the Duo Behind "Target Does It Again" Does It

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Target Does It Again

We rarely come across a bigger Target fan than ourselves, but we think we’ve met our match—shopping and shutterbug duo Jen Coleman and Laura Wiertzema.

The twosome behind Tumblr eye-candy Target Does It Again takes their devoted blog and Instagram followers (more than 70K!) into the dressing room every week, posting snapshots of their Target finds to help style your wardrobe, kids and home. These style mavens have impeccable taste and they’ve passed on their styling prowess to their adorable kids too!

We tagged along on one of their recent Target shopping runs to ask them a few questions and watch them raid the aisles. Check it out below.

What inspired you to start Target Does It Again? 
We started about 25 weeks ago. We both noticed a huge response from followers on our personal Instagrams when we would post Target finds, so we thought, “Why not post more?” We created the separate account for @targetdoesitagain and it just took off from there! People love seeing what’s in store and how we style it.

There’s no doubt you’d select the best styles at any store, so why Target?
Target just resonates with us so well! They have a little bit of everything. We go in for groceries or diapers and end up leaving with toys, clothes and something for the home.

How would you describe your style aesthetic?
We’re both casual cool—we like to be comfortable but with a little edge or bohemian twist.

Have you always been Target fans?
ALWAYS! One thing we talked about before this started was how we both went to several stores in search of the Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges that came out a couple years ago. Obsessed.

Seems like you’re always at Target!
We are! We go at least two to three times a week—anywhere from a quick trip to an hour-long haul. If our kids are with us, it usually takes longer (they love that toy aisle).

What usually ends up in your Target shopping cart?
The better question would be, “What doesn’t end up in our cart?” It’s hard to leave Target empty-handed! 

How do you select the product you showcase on the site?
Whatever catches our eye—it could be a cool, new wedge, an amazing scented candle or a fun, new dress. Everything we post is stuff we love, want or need.

Why do you think people resonate with your Target finds?
We pinpoint our favorite pieces and showcase them on a daily basis to people who can’t get into the store as much as we do. Many people like to see how we style certain items, which gives them a better feel for the product.

What has been the most rewarding feedback you’ve received from readers?
We’ve had so much amazing feedback, from new moms saying we’ve reignited their love for fashion to people saying they think about us every single time they step foot in a Target! We have some amazing followers.

When you’re not shopping at Target, what are you doing?
We’re busy blogging, working and being moms to our boys. We love fun adventures and spending time with our families.

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