Threshold planter and sheets

Target’s newest home décor brand features products with great style and function. We asked the Product Design & Development (PD&D) team for the story behind three unique items.

Sheets: Putting a fitted sheet on a bed can be frustrating, especially if guests can't fit it over a thick mattress. This inspired Target designers to come up with a solution. "Knowing that our guests have a wide variety of mattress depths, we wanted to create a sheet that would offer a great fit for any bed in her household," says Kate Lilienthal, senior technical designer, PD&D. Threshold fitted sheets, she says, "use extra wide elastic around the perimeter and an additional strip of elastic in the pocket corner to keep the sheet in place." As an added bonus, "top/bottom" and "side" labels are sewn in to the sheets, so guests will never put them on the wrong way.

Shower hooks: "We heard from our guests that one of the most annoying tasks is changing out a shower curtain liner," says Jason Berke, design manager, PD&D. "One reason is that the entire curtain needs to be taken down when changing out just the liner." The solution: double-sided shower hooks. Because the curtain and liner hang on two different hooks, guests can change the liner without taking off the curtain.

Planters: Ceramic planters are popular home décor items, but they can be heavy and pricey. This inspired Target designers to create a planter that weighs and costs less. "Threshold planters are amazing in that they look identical to a ceramic planter, but they're made of high-density plastic," says Scott Meyer, designer, PD&D. "They hold up to long, harsh winters. And the glaze gives the planter a bright color and texture." The planters come in blue, red and cream, so there are both bright and neutral options for guests to choose from.


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