Profiles of 6 team members with interesting digital careers.

on the job in a digital world

When you hear about “digital jobs,” you may imagine work that takes place on computers, websites, phones, apps and other technological tools. But what does a digital role at Target truly look like? Because we’re a multichannel retailer, thousands of our team members work in the digital space around the world, and their work takes many shapes. Meet six team members who use their digital skills sets in very different and intriguing ways.

   Margaret Ostrander, Senior Internal Search Analyst
What she does:
“I work on improving the Internal Search tool so guests can find what they need, specifically in the categories of Toys, Sports, Outdoors & Luggage and Baby. I also help strengthen the Internal Search capabilities across the site through technology roadmap projects.”
Got her start: In library and information science. “Because I work on a website, many people are surprised to learn that I’m a librarian. But librarians specialize in understanding how people look for information and are experts in making knowledge accessible. I enjoy connecting guests with the resources, information and products they want.”
Favorite part of her job: “Learning new things every day and working with an amazing team of people who constantly blow me away with their talent.”

  Robb Akerson, Solutions Architect
What he does:
“I make sure the guest-facing apps and websites work well together, and that new and current development initiatives are built to industry standards.
Got his start: As a graphic design intern, then evolved that role to include development and project management. “I’ve had many titles and roles throughout my career, but I think those job descriptions all boil down to ‘problem solver.’”
Secret to success in a digital job: “You need to enjoy problem solving and making things better through technology. Also, be flexible enough to deal with unforeseen changes.”

  Todd Hagen, Business Consultant
What he does:
“I research and assess emerging technologies and how they might be implemented at Target. I also work to ensure technology solutions and plans are aligned to business needs and are aligned to the right technology teams so they can be implemented.”
Favorite part of his job: “The ever-evolving and changing technology and consumer landscape. My love of technology, gadgets, computers, games, audio, video, etc., has served me well and let me do what I love for a career.”
Secret to success in a digital job: “Embrace your inner geek, be willing to take a stand, show courage, be adaptable, and be comfortable with change and ambiguity. Delight in making the guest'slife easier and faster, and in making them smile.”

  Kelly Krohn, Tealeaf Lead
What she does:
“I lead Target’s new Tealeaf team. Tealeaf is a tool used on the and mobile platforms to capture, analyze and replay actual guest interactions with the sites, providing insight into real behaviors. This allows us to identify and understand existing challenges and opportunities so we can make our guests multichannel experiences even better.” 
Got her start: As a consultant programming Java, then she moved on to Quality Assurance and User Acceptance testing roles. “The digital world is always changing, so the knowledge and skills set required to stay competitive changes along with the newest technology. That’s what makes the job exciting.”
Favorite part of her job: “Identifying guest struggles, big and small, and working with cross-functional teams to fix the issues and give guests the best possible and mobile experiences.”

 Thibault Roux, Business Consultant
What he does:
“I focus on speed to market in order to test and learn faster. Everyone wants to go faster, so I think about what barriers we need to remove in order to get there.”
Got his start: In the field of virtual reality. “That falls under the digital umbrella, so I’ve always been in the digital game.”
Favorite part of his job: “The opportunity to leave my fingerprint on the digital era at Target.”
Secret to success in a digital job: “Have an appetite to learn more and strive to use technology as a gateway to solutions. The digital age is here to stay, so embrace it and push boundaries to create a richer experience for our guests.”

  Molly Mann, and Mobile Experience Personalization Manager
What she does:
 “I manage the functionality that enables and mobile to personalize the guest experience, including product recommendations based on their browse or purchase history. For example, if a guest has a baby registry or buys baby products often, we can make sure they see relevant Baby promotions when they visit” 
Got her start: In the direct mail world. “But the one-to-one marketing methodology and skills I developed easily transferred later as my career focus shifted into the digital space.” 
Secret to success in a digital job: “Things change rapidly in the digital space, so learn to be comfortable in a changing environment and able to make timely decisions even when some of the variables are still unknown.” 

Digital careers at Target offer the opportunity to use advanced technology on the job, grow within a talented team and make the shopping experience even better for guests. Want to learn more? Explore career opportunities at Target.


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