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CityTarget shows its cities some love

Many of us bring an item or two home to preserve special moments and memories from our vacations. And Target is meeting the need for travelers visiting and those who live in cities with a specific section in CityTarget called CityLove.

Stocked with items that include accessories, apparel, home décor, toys and books, CityTarget acknowledges the affection guests feel for the city they’re visiting or, we’re learning in many cases, that our local guests feel for their own community. In a fun way, CityLove also helps express the love that CityTarget has for its guests and their urban style.

“What is really exciting is the merchandise,” says Margaret Hedlund, segmentation merchant, Merchandise Presentation Division. “We took the typical tourist shop merchandise and ramped it up to be more of what you'd expect from Target.” For example, guests can purchase a retro red ViewMaster with slide images unique to each city.

Mirroring the items, our in-store marketing uses the iconic ViewMaster as a beacon to draw people in. The paper used on the display shelves features a subtle map pattern of the city in the background.

CityLove is available at all of our CityTarget locations.

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